Save Internet video to your Mac with Kigo Video Downloader for Mac

Watch online videos from your hard drive using Kigo Video Downloader for Mac.

Often, users want to watch Internet videos or edit them offline. Kigo Video Downloader for Mac, despite problematic operation in some instances, works well when it comes to saving and converting online videos.

The native installer set the program up quickly without any user agreement required, which was good for a freeware program. Upon startup, Kigo Video Downloader for Mac did contain a link to user instructions. In addition, the program's interface included arrows and descriptions of the particular buttons and their functions. The user interface was well-designed and intuitive, with good graphics and detail for each of the menus. Users can simply drag URLs containing videos into the program or cut and paste them. The program then automatically attempts to link to the file for downloads. Users can also convert the files to other formats either manually or automatically. Unfortunately, several of the links to YouTube videos brought an error message indicating they could not be saved. After several attempts, some of these would download and convert. With these completed files, the video output saved to the hard drive matched the original content. This program is available as freeware and no payment is required for full activation.

Despite problematic output, Kigo Video Downloader for Mac's good design and features make it a potential option for those looking to download Internet videos.

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