Save online videos to your computer and watch them while offline with FLV Spider for Mac

Watch videos you found online from your hard drive using FLV Spider for Mac.

People often find videos on the Internet they want to watch while offline. FLV Spider for Mac allows you to capture online videos to your hard drive, but some additional functions are less useful.

FLV Spider for Mac comes with a free trial version with a five-video limit per session. To obtain the full version of this program, however, you need to pony up $29.95. The program downloaded easily, but installation had some problems. During setup, the program froze and required a restart. After restarting the system, however, the program did not have any additional issues or bugs. The user must accept a licensing agreement, which also states technical support is available for problems with a 24-hour turnaround time. There are no formal instructions, which would have been welcome due to the hard-to-use menu. Novice users would not likely understand the program's functions without some trial and error. Users can set the program to capture designated videos, which the program does well. The automated capture function has some problems, though. This allows the program to automatically capture any video on a page without user input. Unfortunately, this even included video advertisements, which can quickly take up the per session video limit. Despite this problem, the overall video capture performs well and the output matches the original Internet video.

While some minor functions have problematic issues, FLV Spider for Mac performs its basic purpose well, and users seeking to capture Internet videos may find it a good option.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of FLV Spider for Mac 3.1.20.

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