Moody Desktop Review

Get a new desktop wallpaper on demand or after a specific amount of time using Moody Desktop.

Deciding on a wallpaper to decorate your computer can be a tall order. Moody Desktop takes the work out of choosing by assigning you a new wallpaper, automatically. You can adjust the timer, how the wallpaper is laid out, and more. The lack of wallpaper options to choose from is definitely noticeable, though.

This download cycles through about 30 preset wallpapers that are all quite pleasing to the eye. While that's only a fraction of what other programs offer, it's nice that these landscapes are all G-rated. It means that no scantily-clad women or gruesome war scenes will offend anyone passing by your screen. Moody Desktop lets you choose any layout style -- stretch, tile, and more -- for your wallpaper. You can also set the timer for changing the wallpapers from a minute to multiple hours. It might be better to make the wallpapers less random, since you're only choosing from a small pool. Thankfully, you can slide any of your own wallpapers into the selection folder, which is something most other wallpaper programs don't offer.

If you can never stick to just one wallpaper, this program is a lot of fun. It gives you a bunch of great options to start with and even lets you add your own wallpapers. Moody Desktop isn't as powerful as other wallpaper switchers, but it works offline and is much more customizable.

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