Llama Music Cleanser Review

Rid your music library of songs you don't want to hear using Llama Music Cleanser.

If you've got a big music library, you may not want it all on your computer. Whether you're just trying to save space or you're tired of some songs, Llama Music Cleanser can help. It walks you through any music folders you need to help you track songs you don't want to keep. Then it removes them from your computer with one push of the button.

The program comes as a slim Java executable, so it downloads quickly. To keep the program light, the developers sacrificed any notion of making it look good. Instead, it looks like something from the Windows XP days with a blue overlay. What it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in power. Llama Music Cleanser can reach into all of your folders to find music files of any format. Before you start deleting, it makes a playlist for you to listen to in case you have second thoughts about deleting a track. You can choose which media player to listen with, but only four -- iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and Zune -- are supported. Offering more players would be a nice touch. Another good addition would be if you could select the folder where tracks that get the thumbs down go.

Save for those weird design choices, the program is easy to figure out and works like a charm. If you need to trim your music library, it's a pretty solid helper. Llama Music Cleanser is a bare bones download that removes any track you want gone without any weird hang-ups.

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