Llama Alarm Clock Review

Enhance your desktop's clock with an easy to use and simple alarm.

An alarm is the one feature sorely missing from Windows' built-in clock. Llama Alarm Clock adds a neat alarm clock to your computer that works well, but suffers from being way too simple.

For being a beefy 6MB download, this widget is certainly lacking in the features department. There's no installation needed, as the widget performs its function once clicked. It comes with only two alarm noises, though you can add your own to the mix. Llama Alarm Clock leeches off of the Windows clock, but you can't change time zones or create multiple clocks. The only thing you can change is displaying military time instead of the 12-hour clock. The widget's interface is also quite simple. You have an option to set the alarm, turn it off, or snooze.

Llama Alarm Clock could be a good solution for users who spend a significant amount of time on their computers, whether for work or fun, and need an alarm to remind them of something important on their schedule. However, to completely steal users away from using their phone or a desk clock as an alarm, this widget would have to be stacked with more features.

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