Learn about your typing with Keyboard Checker

Get a full tutorial of keyboard shortcuts in Windows with Keyboard Checker.

When a rookie computer user first discovers keyboard shortcuts, it blows their mind. This program might help them discover dozens of extra keyboard shortcuts they probably didn't know about. Keyboard Checker is an okay program to show a new computer user, but it won't be much use for people with experience. It has some weird design hiccups, too.

This download gives you a blank space to experiment with multiple button presses to try to find keyboard shortcuts. Any time you hit a shortcut that doesn't work, you're greeted by an annoying beep. When the buzzer doesn't sound off, the program just makes the shortcut disappear without telling you what it does. It would be more useful if it told you some tips on how to use the shortcut. However, it would probably be more useful if it were just a list of keyboard shortcuts that work, too. Instead, it seems like Keyboard Checker is trying to tell you when you can't press two or more keys together, not what pushing them together does.

If it did the exact opposite, it would be a great tutorial. As it is now, it's not a very useful download. If you're a gamer who tries to create their own keyboard shortcuts, you might want to download Keyboard Checker. However, it would be just as easy to experiment on your own. You'd get faster results without the annoying beep.

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