iSee DVD Creator Review

Burn your video files on a DVD with the help of iSee DVD Creator.

Most DVD players don't have DVD burners the way they have CD burners. iSee DVD Creator will help you put media onto a DVD, but it's not for rookie users. The program's creation process is not too great. Worse, it's not nearly as smooth as competing DVD-burning software.

The program only gives you a quick sample of a few minutes if you haven't paid. The program doesn't welcome you with open arms, as many of the features you want to experiment with have to be done in a specific order to work. During testing, there was more than one instance of having to complete a chain of tasks before getting down to business. iSee DVD Creator includes a bunch of stock menus, buttons, and music, but most of these aren't in the public domain. You won't want to use those for anything more than home videos. Even more frustrating is that the program saves your work in a ".dcproj" format, which no other program will be likely to recognize. At least it supports multiple input formats; it just doesn't rip them to your DVD very quickly.

$19.95 for a DVD burner seems like a pretty good price. However, iSee DVD Creator performs too poorly to be worth recommending. The ripping process is slow and the video's quality doesn't shine through often enough. If you're willing to spend a few dollars extra, you'll get twice the program or more from other downloads.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of iSee DVD Creator

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