Edit photos and compress images for your Web pages with Converseen

Change the file format and size of any number of images using Converseen.

A bulk photo editor is one of those tools you never know you need until the exact moment you need it. Converseen not only resizes multiple photos at once, but can flip them into dozens of different file formats. If it could perform more intense photo edits, it would be a home run of a program.

The program can handle a seemingly infinite number of photos. Of course, more photos means the conversion takes longer. It already happens fairly slowly compared to other file-conversion software. Finding the settings to change size isn't easy, and requires you to have three or more windows open. Once you're there, you can only scale the picture. It would be much easier if you could set a size in pixels or inches. Since it makes you jump through hoops to resize photos, adding a few cropping or re-coloring tools would make Converseen much more dynamic.

Converseen does converting well; it just doesn't do much else. It is a nice download if only for how many file formats it supports. Though most people will rarely use more than four of them, it's nice to have the options. If you're looking for a plain photo converting program this one will do the trick.

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