Cheat your way to the top in many different games with ArtMoney SE

Increase your money, life, experience and more in your favorite games using ArtMoney SE.

We've all needed a hand to beat a tough level or quest in a fun game. If only you had that awesome armor or weapon you've been dying to acquire! ArtMoney SE will take the grunt work out of leveling up your character to get it. It can give you free money, health, or experience in several different games. It requires plenty of modding know-how to use, though.

The program has to tinker with settings files in your game of choice to give you more of what you want. That means it's not likely to work with online games like World of Warcraft. It also means that you have to know where these files are in your game of choice. You can usually find them with some effort, but they might not be readily available. You might wreck a file you need while messing with them, too. Some automation or a walkthrough would make the program easier for rookies -- the people who need it most -- to use. The manual ArtMoney SE provides isn't as helpful as you might expect. Thankfully, the program's layout is smooth enough to make exploring relatively quick and easy.

The whole point of cheating is that it's easy and doesn't require a ton of work. For many players, ArtMoney SE is going to be just as much work as gaining levels in the game, itself. That's fine if you already come to the program with the right knowledge. For advanced gamers and computer users this will be a great addition to their software, while the average novice will likely have too much trouble figuring out how to use this program.

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