Reuse and reburn mix CDs with 3Nity Music CD Burner

Burn CDs of all of your favorite songs with 3Nity Music CD Burner.

Though CD-burning software is built into just about every music player, most don't offer enough features. 3Nity Music CD Burner bucks the trend, giving you much more information about the CD you're working on. Though it's advertised as a CD burner, its biggest perk is the ability to delete written CDs.

In order to burn a CD, you will have to have a CD-RW drive on your computer. That's a given on most setups, though. You can preview any track and arrange your list of tracks however you want. There's no shuffle option on 3Nity Music CD Burner. Most of the program's strength lies in the added information it gives you about your CD. It represents each track on a graph that tells you exactly how much space is left on your CD. Unlike some downloads, this program can write over a CD you've already burned. It can delete songs off a CD so you can use the same CD multiple times, which is probably the biggest strength of the program.

Its slower speed and lack of features don't match the built-in burners on popular media players like Winamp and iTunes. However, the fact 3Nity Music CD Burner lets you reuse and reburn mix CDs makes it a majorly cool download.

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