See which parts of the globe are currently lit with Sunlit Earth widget for Mac

Check quickly where it is currently day or night with the Sunlit Earth widget for Mac.

When conversing with people from all around the globe, it is useful to know if it's day or night in their city. A simple glance at Sunlit Earth for Mac can help you with that.

Sunlit Earth for Mac offers a simple widget that displays the current position of sun and the sunlit portion of the globe. Knowing where the sun is currently can be useful when communicating with people worldwide, whether for business or simply when staying in contact with family or friends located in another time zone. This widget seems to be an easier solution in comparison to having to set up countless world time clocks, which take up space. Even though this widget is rather useful, it needs some improvement. A welcome improvement would be the ability to just click on the earth and get the current local time. When it comes to its looks, the widget's earth images are courtesy of NASA and are not just simple and effective but also very beautiful, especially the parts of the earth at night.

For all users who think world clocks take up too much space but still want the ability to know where it's currently day or night, the Sunlit Earth for Mac widget could be a good solution.

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