Convert video files using JES Deinterlacer for Mac

Correct flaws in video files while converting with JES Deinterlacer for Mac.

When viewing videos created from broadcast television or from certain camcorders, interlaced video can create distortions. With JES Deinterlacer for Mac, you can convert these files to remove these flaws, as well as perform other changes.

JES Deinterlacer for Mac comes free of charge and installs easily. Along with the main program, there are several Readme files that contain information on how to use the program. These instructions and explanations would be welcome for even the average person, since the program itself is not easy to use.

The interface lacks graphics and appears dated. Technical support also does not appear to be one of the program's features. The basic main menu contains options for selecting files and the particulars of the conversion sought. These include frame rate, output format, speed, and aspect ratio, among others. You may also adjust visual aspects like brightness and color level. After selecting a video, the program recognizes and loads it quickly for preferences. In terms of functioning, the video loads and converts as quickly as would be expected and includes all of the changes selected prior to conversion.

While likely too complicated for average users, JES Deinterlacer for Mac's functionality will help those with video conversion experience work with interlaced files.

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