Locate personal information from public records with Elite People Search for Mac

Find phone numbers, addresses and other personal information using Elite People Search for Mac.

Despite the available information on the Internet, users still find it difficult to find contact information of certain people. Elite People Search for Mac is a simple application you can use to find personal information, but it often does not return any results.

Elite People Search for Mac is available as freeware with no costs or subscriptions required. With a small size and native installer, the program setup completed quickly and without any user agreements required. The program's dated interface needs some refining, but it is easy to use for any experience level. There is a simple column on the left side for entering names. Instead of allowing users to search for only one name at a time, users can enter multiple names, or even portions of names. It is difficult to see how the entire side of the program is needed for this, but the entry proved easily accomplished. Users may also select searches in states, cities, or counties. Searches may return full names, addresses, phone numbers, and ages, if available. Several times while returning multiple results, the program lost its link to the server and stopped working. In addition, the majority of names entered did not return any results. This may be due to a lack of records, but this was still disappointing for such a simple program.

While somewhat functional, those seeking a program to search for personal information may be best served looking at other, Web-based options as opposed to Elite People Search for Mac.

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