Create DVD menus using DVDStyler for Mac

Design and format your own DVD menus with DVDStyler for Mac.

Creating DVDs from video files requires creation of a menu and chapter list. DVDStyler for Mac gives users options for setting up custom menus, but its software bugs make it a questionable option.

Available as freeware with no purchase required, the download, while slightly longer than typical, completed without issues. DVDStyler for Mac did not contain any instructions, which, in light of the complicated menus and options, would have been helpful. There did appear to be support for program updates.

Buttons along the program's top row are easy to identify for disc creation and file selection. The other menus are more difficult to interpret, including functions for menu and title creation. Dividing full video files into chapters proved problematic and difficult to figure out. Templates are available to help you set up menus, although the options may be confusing for some. In terms of functioning, the program locked up after a menu was selected, which forced a program shutdown. After restarting, the program performed the requested function. The output options, while comprehensive, would only be useful to those with extensive video creation experience. Despite problems subdividing chapters, the menus came out well in the finished product.

While functional for creating custom menus, DVDStyler for Mac's bugs and lack of instructions make it a less desirable choice for video DVD creation.

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