Surf the Web with Chromium FreeSMUG build for Mac

View Web sites cleanly using an open-source web browser.

Those who want to surf the Web without using Safari have many options. Chromium FreeSMUG build for Mac is a functional program, but does not add anything new to the browsing experience.

Downloading Chromium FreeSMUG's build for Mac takes a bit longer since the program is 46 MB. Installation occurred without any problems or user actions, though. There were no instructions, but the interface is fairly easy to interpret for those familiar with Web browsing. Support did not appear to be available. After starting, the program's interface was what one would typically expect from a basic Web browser. The browser's top bar was well placed for entering URLs and the typical back, forward, and refresh buttons were present. The tested pages loaded quickly and without any errors. There were no separate menus for bookmarks or favorites, requiring users to access these options from a main drop-down menu. These can be moved to the top of the interface just below the URL bar if necessary. The program ran smoothly throughout testing without any operational problems.

While it performs all expected functions, Chromium FreeSMUG build for Mac fails to distinguish itself from other, more innovative Web browsers.

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