Comic Book Camera is loads of fun

Turn your images into comic-inspired graphics.

Comic Book Camera has one purpose, and that is to turn your pictures into comic book-inspired prints. Despite its limited focus, it's a fun app to have in your library.

Comic Book Camera doesn't waste any time; it's ready to snap a picture as soon as you open it. Its editing features are all accessed from the same screen, which also displays your image. The camera operates much like your iPhone's camera. There's a button for flipping the camera if you want to snap a picture of yourself. The FX menu lets you pick from a list of comic graphic styles, such as Hatch, CrossHatch, and Halftone. You can also select a pre-existing image from your Camera Roll. Our image appeared in black and white and looked straight out of a comic book. From there, we were able to easily add our custom text, as well as fun, comic-inspired action graphics. We added a "Boom!" graphic and positioned it to our liking. Likewise, we added a little background texture to our image for added authenticity. Once our image was finished, we tapped Save and were able to copy it to our clipboard, as well as quickly share it on our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Comic Book Camera does have extra features if you want to pay for an upgrade, but, as is, the free version offers plenty of fun. We recommend this good-times app for all users.

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