Be My Princess doesn't have a happy ending

Don't bother with this boring app.

Be My Princess is a modern-day take on Cinderella; however, in this version, the main character is a graduate student who meets six differences princes. The app isn't really a game; it's kind of a choose-your-own-adventure story. The free part limits you to the Prologue, but if the paid stories are anything like what we experienced, we'd rather keep our money.

Be My Princess opens with a main menu. The app contains a Help menu, but it merely answers the question, "What do I do if the app crashes?" If you need answers to any other questions, you'll have to tap the Answers to Other Questions button, which takes to you to the publisher's Web site. The Settings menu lets you adjust the volume and turn the vibration off or on. This is important to know, because if you do decide to download the app, you'll be subjected to painfully annoying music while reading the story. We started with the Prologue and tapped our way through the story, which basically follows you as the main character as you meet six different guys who turn out to be princes. That's it. There's no gameplay involved; you simply read the long story until you reach the end and have to pick a prince. But that's as far as you'll go unless you want to pay $3.99 to unlock a character.

About the only good thing we have to say about Be My Princess is that the graphics are pretty decent -- that is, if you're into anime. We recommend you keep your hard-earned money and skip this boring app.

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