Convert images from your camera directly into PDFs with Fopydo Image Scan

Save and convert images from cameras, scanners, and more as PDFs with this free tool.

While plenty of things are common in the business world, two things stand out: 1) cell phones, and 2) PDFs. What do they have to do with each other? Just this: Images taken with cell phone cams, digital cameras, and even scanners are now commonplace in business, legal, and personal documents, most of which are saved as PDFs. But the process of transferring images from one of these devices might be daunting enough as it is (even if you had time to read the manuals) let alone opening, resizing, and converting them all to PDFs before you can even begin to prepare any documents.

Now that we've got you nodding in agreement about how much time the whole tedious process consumes, how about a solution? Try Wardega Consulting's Fopydo Image Scan. It simplifies the process of converting and saving images as PDFs. It also creates albums, reads and saves OCR data as text, generates barcodes, converts color documents to black and white, standardizes page size, and encrypts documents with secure 128-bit keys, among other capabilities. Did we mention it's freeware? Fopydo is freeware.

Fopydo's user interface is brief and businesslike, though it packs a lot of useful options, and everything is clearly labeled. Better still, it displays its User Manual in the main window. The manual offers concise, step-by-step instructions. Short version: Fopydo copies and processes images directly from an imaging device (camera, scanner, etc.) or from your library, including two-sided documents, and saves them as PDFs. It also saves OCR-scanned text, e-mails and resizes documents, and so on. We could rotate documents, set borders and canvas size, add signatures, and trim images with sliders. Picasa users can even specify only images with matching captions. When all was ready, we pressed Go. Our converted PDFs appeared almost instantaneously and opened normally in our usual PDF reader. Converted images were clear and sharp. Fopydo created albums almost as quickly, too.

Since you're probably wondering, "Fopydo" is short for "photocopy documents." If you find the process of transferring and converting images to save and use as PDFs cumbersome, don't try to say it -- just try it.

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