Edit MP3 metadata any way you can think of with Hanso Tagger

Create, edit, and manage MP3 tags with this powerful freeware.

Pop quiz: What's the difference between ID3v1 and ID3v2? And don't say "one." The reason we're asking is simply to help you decide if you need an advanced ID3 tag editor such as Hanso Tagger. Suppose we rephrase the question: Do you have any MP3s? If so, then you have ID3 tags, which are the metadata saved with each file: artist, title, album, time, and so on. ID3v1 saves basic data. ID3v2, which is incompatible with ID3v1, is the "new" format (since 1998). It saves more stuff, such as album art, but it's also totally customizable; you can create your own tags and call them whatever you want. They'll even show up in compatible devices.

Which brings us back to Hanso Tagger. This free ID3 tag editor is easy to use yet also quite complex. It's designed to provide maximum flexibility to cover every tagging need for even the largest music collections. It can fill in missing ID3 tags, too. In cleans, corrects, and synchronizes tags, and also copies two ways between ID3v1 and ID3v2. It can export tag data and even your tag options. The program's user interface is both sleek and utilitarian, with a gridded FileName display and numerous controls and options in a compact yet well-rendered and semiopaque dialog box.

Clicking Help opened the HansoTools Web site, but Hanso Tagger's page only offered an overview. That's one of the reasons we asked about your comfort level with ID3 tags: Hanso Tagger has a lot of options. Custom Format Options, including Filename Format, Directory Format, and File Rename options. Export Tag Options; Correct Case Options; Copy Tag Options. Even the setup process opens the Program Preferences for choosing background and highlight colors (we like the dark orange on black) and all that's before you even start editing your collection.

We definitely recommend Hanso Tagger as one of the most powerful and flexible ID3 taggers ever to bring order to the chaos of an overflowing music collection. While experienced users will get the most out of it, Hanso Tagger has plenty to offer novices, too, including some lessons in ID3 tagging!

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