Open, store, and send zip files from the Mail App with Zip Browser

Open all of your zip files with ease using this simple browser utility.

Increasingly, the iPhone and iPad are being used as primary e-mail readers by their owners. They are fast, agile, and more accessible when on the go than a traditional laptop, and are therefore used more readily for checking and replying to messages. But iOS was never built for opening and handling zip files, requiring a third-party app of some sort. While other apps offer a plethora of options, if you need a free, easy-to-use option for opening your zip folders, Zip Browser is a good option.

Zip Browser comes as a free app, though there is a paid upgrade that we could not immediately determine the nature of. Nonetheless, all basic functionality is present in the free app, allowing you to open any zip folders you receive as attachments in the app. Simply hold your finger on the attachment in the Mail app and choose Zip Browser from the menu to open your zip in this app. You can then browse the files, view them, or send them to people through the "mail" menu. The interface is simple and lacks clarity in many places, making it hard to determine how some functions work, but when you do, you'll find a quick app that works as advertised.

If you don't yet have an app designed for opening zip folders on your iOS device, Zip Browser is a good option, providing an easy-to-use Mail shortcut, a number of additional features for storing and sorting files, and a useful menu for packing up and resharing anything you receive and view in the app. While not the most powerful browser tool on the iPhone or iPad, it is free and works quite well with what it offers.

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