Encourage childlike creativity with Write About This Free

Prompt creativity and active writing from your children with this iOS app.

The mind of a child is an incredible thing. Filled with amazing ideas, even more amazing images, and confluences of events an adult would be hard-pressed to replicate, imagination takes kids to exciting, new places almost every day. But teaching them to express that imagination in a constructive way is not always easy. Write About This Free tackles the problem with an intuitive, easy-to-use app that is both charming and full of content -- a perfect companion for budding young writers and parents eager to be involved in the process.

The app is simple enough to use. It loads quickly and offers six menus. Three allow you to find writing prompts while another features all previous writing assignments and a fifth allows children to create their own writing prompts. The settings menu allows you to turn off text prompts or voice prompts (in which case only an image would be presented) or to increase the complexity of a writing prompt. By default, Level 1 writing prompts ask children basic questions such as "Would you rather go to space or under the sea?" while Level 3 prompts ask them to go deeper with "Write as if you were a diver. What do you see and find? What was the craziest thing about your most recent dive?" The ability to change the complexity, remove text prompts, and search by topic and image is great, especially for children at different reading and writing levels.

Write About This Free is a fantastic example of how to create an educational app for children. It is engaging, filled with exciting images, uses multiple methods to interact with children (text, audio, and images), and allows users to customize the experience and easily share the contents with a parent or grandparent. If your child likes to write or express their imagination, we highly recommend this app for your collection.

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