Keep time with just the right amount of irreverence using Whatever Clock

Use this faceless iOS clock to keep time for a fun and interactive centerpiece in your home.

Whatever Clock takes the idea of a simple, single-function app - in this case a clock - and makes it fun. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the developer has created a clock that is both fun and quirky. It starts up instantly, has no menus, and features only a simple pair of clockhands and two buttons. What more could you ask for from a snarky, tongue-in-cheek clock?

The clock itself features no face. There is a minute hand and an hour hand and they slowly slide into place as you open the app, but numbers and the face are missing. There is a casually scrawled "Whatever, I'm late anyways" across the top, and you can turn off the "lights" by flipping the switch at the top left corner, turning the screen black and making the clock hands glow. The other button is an ad - press it and an ad appears asking you to download the Free App of the Day - a pretty standard ad in free apps these days.

Admittedly lacking in features, simple and yet still a little goofy, this app will be a good fit for many offices or countertops when the iPad is not in use. Will it be used constantly? Probably not, but that's not the point of the app. It's a centerpiece and a fun way to show off your iPad to friends and family. Is it better than other clock apps in the App Store? Not by a long shot. We can recommend it on its charm alone, but if you need an app with greater functionality or more features, this is not for you.

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