Download videos with Video Downloader Super Lite

Find, save, and download videos from some Web sites.

Video Downloader Super Lite promises to allow you to download videos from the Internet through a proprietary browser on your iPhone. This alone is a very powerful tool for those who want to take training videos, Webinars, or even music videos on the go from your favorite Web sites. There are, however, a number of limitations, and the performance of the app was variable depending on the video being downloaded and the speed of our connection.

Upon initial installation, you can immediately start browsing. The app uses a very simple Web interface with a banner ad placed below the address bar. There are no advanced browsing features here, so it won't replace your Safari or Firefox use, but it does work fairly well to load sites, and we saw no slowdown or issues with traditional sites that run well in Safari. When you land on a Web site with a video, you can tap the video and choose to download it to your device. This functionality worked well in some instances but in others did not at all. It is possible that some videos are tagged or formatted to disallow this functionality, but since Video Downloader Super Lite has no documentation and doesn't explain how it works very well, it's impossible to know.

If you are looking for a way to download videos from a blog or training site with embedded and hosted videos, this app may work well for you. It is free and the ads are not intrusive if you don't plan on browsing with it. However, the hit-or-miss nature of the core download function and the bare-bones browser make Video Downloader Super Lite less of a solution and more of a stopgap until a more feature-rich solution is developed.

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