Transfer files wirelessly or via USB with USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive Free

Use this simple file transfer app to store any kind of file on your iOS device.

More likely than not, at some point in your ownership of an Apple device, you've wanted to load a file directly to it, either for storage or to access it in some capacity - a PDF, a video or a folder of tools. While you can load images through iPhoto, and music, videos and documents in iTunes, the interface is limited and you can't create folders or other storage tools to keep your files organized. USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive Free solves that problem by turning your iOS device into an on-the-go flash drive alternative that you can store important documents on.

There are two ways to use this app. The first method is to plug it in via USB and access it via iTunes where new functionality is provided. The second is to use a Wi-Fi connection. You must be connected on the iOS device and a laptop through the same Wi-Fi network, but if you are, you can login to your iPhone or iPad from the browser on your computer and instantly access any files you have stored within the app. That is one limitation: file access and storage can only be done within the file system created by the app. So if you want to load PDFs into a reading app, you'll still need to use the existing browsing tools. But for quick storage and movement of files between Point A and Point B, or even just as a backup, this is a great alternative to carrying around yet more flash drives.

If you want a simple, free solution that allows you to store files of any type or size on your iPhone or iPad as you would on a flash drive, consider USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive Free. With an intuitive interface, fast load and transfer times, and a well-designed file structure to keep your files organized, it is a great way to reduce the risk of loss through a USB thumb drive and carry your files with you while on the go.

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