Wake up to a pleasant voice with The Talking Alarm

Change your alarm to a pleasant voice in one of four dialects in this clever iOS alarm replacement.

The built-in alarm clock on the iPhone is a companion to millions of people who have long since ditched their plug-in alarm clocks. Simple, easy to use, and very effective at making large volumes of noise, the iPhone is a natural alarm device. But it is limited in its functionality. For those interested in a more classic look or an alternative to loud, grating noises, The Talking Alarm is a breath of fresh air. With a classic, green LED display design and a number of voices to choose from, it is an effective, fun-to-use alarm that offers a great alternative to Apple's built-in option.

The alarm is very simple. Once the app opens, it displays the time and date. You can then set an alarm from the Alarms menu. Other settings are located in a separate menu where you can choose how to snooze the alarm, which voice to use (there are multiple options by nationality and gender -- all are in English), the duration of snooze, and the volume of the alarm. When the alarm goes off, a voice will announce the time and date until you tap the screen. You can tap it to snooze or double tap it to turn it off completely. Since it is so easy to double tap the screen (the built-in alarm requires a swipe, which is harder to do when half asleep), we recommend turning the stop function off, but the snooze works great.

If you are interested in being awoken each day by a voice announcing the date and time (with weather if you opt for it), The Talking Alarm is a great app. It is free and has no paid upgrades, so you get the full functionality right out of the box, and it works flawlessly, with accurate, system-set times and alarms. It also looks good -- very much like a classic green-on-black face alarm clock, which is an added bonus.

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