Add image FX and overlays with Splash FX

Take, tweak, and customize images with special effects or text in Splash FX.

Splash FX is a very simple app, but often when it comes to photography and the act of adding bits of flare to an otherwise pedestrian (or potentially funny) photo, that's all you need. Featuring multiple free filters, a speedy development time, and the option to export in multiple sizes, Splash FX is a great free photo-editing and FX tool for the iPhone. While not as powerful as many other paid apps (or its own paid version), the free version offers just enough features and has just the right balance of smart design to be worth a download.

When you open Splash FX, you can choose to either take a photo or load one from your gallery. From there, you have two options to edit that photo: either add an effect (a sort of blended layer of colors) to the image or add an overlay -- things like burn marks, explosions, and word bubbles. These are dragged and dropped onto the original image and can be scaled relatively easily by dragging the corners of the overlay. It's a quick and simple procedure, and it worked almost flawlessly during our testing. With more than 50 items and 24 effects, the app makes it possible to create a few different style images. You can then save to your Camera Roll, e-mail the photo, or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, all from within the free app.

If you are looking for a free app with some more robust effects and filters than the standard fare of Instagram and other free apps, spend some time with Splash FX. You will be pleasantly surprised by how robust this app is despite its free price point and relatively simple interface.

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