Shoot retro fighters in Space Impact Free

Flashback to the days of yellow screens and flying pixels.

Retro gaming is big right now. The App Store is filled with games that hearken back to the days of brightly colored pixels, indistinguishable faces and simple but ultimately addictive gameplay. Few games channel this as well or as thoroughly as Space Impact Free. If you were to glance at Space Impact Free in passing, you would immediately think it to be an actual retro game, straight from the Atari 2600 that once sat in every American basement. But the game is an original design and, while it uses many of the same basic elements of its forebears, it has some unique new features to offer.

Off the bat, know that if you don't like retro games or want more advanced features like difficulty selection, power-ups, or achievements, this is not the game for you. Space Impact Free is pure and simple retro gaming goodness. You control a simple blocky spaceship with your left finger and fire with your right, sending bullets across the screen to kill projectiles and other ships that are approaching you. It's reminiscent of old space shooters like Galaga or Asteroids but with a few simple twists. There are some basic power-ups you can maneuver to pickup but otherwise, it's about staying alive for as long as possible and getting the high score.

The one issue we had with the game was its speed. Controls are sluggish and your finger will drag at times trying to move just a bit quicker. There are no options to change gameplay either. While it is very much like a '70s arcade game or Atari game, the ability to change speeds at least would be welcome. That said, this is still a very fun game and a great way to remember the classics on your iPhone.

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