Encrypt and store passwords and secret keys with Secure Temple

Lock down your personal and work passwords in carefully secured "temples."

At first glance, it is not immediately apparent what Secure Temple does. The app is created without interface in mind. It lacks clear directions, has multiple unmarked menus, and doesn't even describe what the function of the app is supposed to be (unless you read the description in the App Store). That alone is enough to frustrate and chase away most users. However, behind the obtuse design and stark menus there is a tool that can be extremely useful for anyone that creates and stores large volumes of passwords, secret keys and other number strings on their iPhone or iPad.

Because Secret Temple is created by a developer for developers, it doesn't feature many of the same basic functions you would expect (or desire) in an app that will be used so often. You must create a user or database, create a password for that user or database, and then create password files that are then encoded with an additional level of security by the app. There is also a key and password generator built into the device to make it easier to create secure passwords, but it is even less user friendly, and is not ideal for anyone eager to minimize the time spent accessing their passwords.

Nonetheless, if you can navigate Secret Temple's menus, setup your password files, encrypt them and save everything, you will be pleased with the results. Combined with the premium upgrade that includes export and import functionality, as well as search and database structure management, Secret Temple becomes a very powerful app that is perfect for IT professionals and Web site developers with dozens or hundreds of strings to keep track on a daily basis.

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