Protect your private thoughts with Secret Notes Lite

Lock and password protect notes and journal entries on your tablet or iPhone.

Owners of iPads and iPhones are turning to their devices increasingly as resources for everything from photography to journaling. With so many private activities taking place on these devices, it's a shame that Apple doesn't provide more security features. To fill that void, app developers are creating new tools like Secret Notes Lite to empower iOS users to keep their personal information safe from prying eyes.

Secret Notes Lite does exactly what it promises: it protects your notes and journal entries against unauthorized access. While the interface is basic and lacks any sense of uniform design, it is easy to use and speedy. Once you install the app, open it and set your initial password. Then you can start taking notes in the note interface. The one customization you can make is to change the color of the background and text. Otherwise, you can simply write and save your journal entries and then put them under lock and key. Each time you open the app, you're prompted to log in, and once you're logged in you can easily change the password. Within the app, you can easily share or move your notes as well, so they aren't stuck in the app forever.

At first glance Secret Notes Lite is not pretty, doesn't seem to have many functions, and lacks an advanced UI. However, the password protection works well, the notes record quickly, and the ability to share and edit are perfect. This is a good app wrapped in a rushed design, so if you are looking for a solid, free note-taking app that will password protect your entries, this is it.

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