Scan and store business cards on your tablet with ScanBizCards Lite

Snap, scan and store business cards digitally with ease using this intuitive app.

No matter what technology we develop, business cards are still a standard in networking circles. They are the first thing you see when you meet someone. But increasingly our lives are managed by the electronic devices we carry, and business cards get lost so easily. So an app like ScanBizCards Lite is perfect to quickly take a photo, scan the contents of the business card and store it for later on your iPad or iPhone.

To start, the app asks if you'd like to register to share your scans with a universal account between devices and your desktop. This is optional, however, and the app features a number of export tools, so don't feel like you need an account if you don't want to sign up. After registering or dismissing the menu, you can take a photo of a business card. From there, the business card can be cropped so only the card is in the shot and it is scanned for text. If it recognizes text it will autofill fields on the clipboard. If it does not, you can enter those details yourself. If you take a blurry or off-center photo, it likely won't work. But in good light and on a flat surface, the OCR works quite well.

Business cards can be easily organized by name, show up on an attractive clipboard and can be shared or edited quickly, making this is a very easy to use, quick to master app that will be a perfect companion for those days when you collect a dozen or more cards at a conference. There are other business card scanning tools on the App Store, and some of them do have better text recognition and storage, but ScanBizCards Lite is not only free, but essentially a full app, lacking only the online sync functionality. If you are eager to store your business cards electronically, this is an app well worth checking out.

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