Protect your private photos with Private Pics

Take and store private photos with a PIN on your phone or tablet.

The iPhone is not a secure device. Even with the PIN required to open your phone, Apple provides limited additional security features to keep your device free of intruders. If you lose your phone and don't realize it, or if someone gets the phone for a short period of time, they can probably access the majority of your personal data relatively quickly. So an app like Private Pics is a useful tool, allowing you to protect your photos with a PIN that is not tied to the iOS and is therefore harder to bypass.

After installation, you are prompted to choose a four-digit PIN and confirm it. After entering your PIN, you can access your secret photos. These are stored in folders that you can create with the Plus button. Keep in mind that you can only create one additional folder if you don't pay for the premium upgrade. The app is initially free and all core functionality works without the upgrade, but you may find it lacking if you take a lot of private photos and need to organize them by folder. To take and store a photo, tap on the folder you created and press the Photo button or use the Plus button to add an image from your library. You can also move images to the Shared Photos folder so that you can remove them from your device in iTunes.

Private Pics is an easy-to-use app with a number of much-needed features to secure and store photos on your phone that others cannot access. With easy sharing functionality through iTunes, and a secure PIN, this is a perfect tool if you take photos that you want to keep hidden from prying eyes, either for security purposes or for personal privacy.

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