Get ripped with Prison Pushups Free

Work your way to 336 pushups with a digital deck of cards.

There are countless workout apps in the App Store. Some of them are filled with menus, leaderboards and GPS integration. Others are as simple as listing what you should do today. Prison Pushups Free provides just such a workout - using a deck of cards to push the user to do as many pushups as possible as quickly as possible. The idea is simple and it's not hard to see where the app got its name.

The interface for Prison Pushups Free is simple enough. It works on both the iPad and iPhone, but is clearly made for the smaller screen. The menus are small and simple and they provide limited options, which is a good thing if you need a workout without a lot of extras. After viewing the tutorial you can change a handful of options such as when you rest, what kind of pushups you do and the speed of the card flips. But, the basic idea remains the same. Every time you tap "Next" another card flips and you do that many pushups. In total, there are 336 pushups to be done in a single deck of cards.

With only four rest opportunities and 48 other cards containing pushups in the deck, you'll be hard pressed to complete the deck in your first attempt. It's not surprising to see a warning when you first start the app to consult your doctor - you absolutely should before trying this exercise. But for those that are eager for a simple, physically demanding challenge, this app is great. It's simple, it's easy to use and it's rewarding, even if you don't make it through the deck of cards for a few weeks or years.

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