Track police scanners in Police Scanner Free

Scan police and fire frequencies or listen to radio in Police Scanner Free.

If you've ever had a relative that obsessively listened to a police scanner (or if you have one propped up on your own nightstand), you know how addictive it can be. Not only do you have a better idea of what is happening near your home, but there is something compelling about hearing police officers and firemen doing their jobs day in and day out. For those with a police scanner hobby, the new app Police Scanner Free, is a fantastic way to keep track of, record and share with friends those moments.

Police Scanner Free is a feature-rich app that allows you to choose from police scanner frequencies around the United States. You can choose from the most popular frequencies or you can scan nearby frequencies to find one in your neighborhood. Each is a live frequency being broadcast online and while it is playing you have the option to record, share, or make notes on that scanner frequency for future reference. The same app has a huge library of live radio stations, or you can add your own radio station at any time with a URL. It's a very powerful streaming app that makes it easier and more intuitive than many other alternatives to find a specific frequency or station.

If you are eager to have access to police scanner frequencies in cities located throughout the country - from Chicago to New Jersey to Los Angeles - Police Scanner Free is the way to go. With multiple options, ways to share and interact with friends and only minimal ad placement in an otherwise free app, it is the best available police scanner and streaming tool currently in the App Store.

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