Research poker rules in Poker Companion

Access dozens of rules and score charts for popular poker games.

Poker is one of the most diverse card games in the world with hundreds of variations and rule sets. While most people play one of a handful of variations, there are countless options if you are eager to try something new or have too many people for one of the other forms of the game. With Poker Companion, you can quickly and easily look up and teach the rules of poker variations to everyone at your table, check scores for non-obvious hands, or simply look for new and fun alternatives to how you've played in the past.

Poker Companion has two menus; first is the games menu. Here you will find lists of the most popular games separated by the number of cards, community, guts, or miscellaneous. There are hundreds of poker variations here, and with a simple interface divided into easy categories, it takes no time to find a new game (or you can simply press "random"). Each game's rules can be saved as a favorite for even faster reference in the future, and you can sort by number of players. The "More" menu contains other fun stuff like a glossary, variations you can put on existing rules, and a scoring chart that shows which hands win in different situations.

Poker Companion offers no strategy, tips, or insights into how to play poker well, but that's OK because it doesn't need to. What Poker Companion does and does so well is provide every piece of information you will never need to try new variations of the classic game, score your hands, or guide new players when they are first laying their bets. It's a must-have for any poker aficionado and because it's free, it's a no brainer.

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