Attempt to match two or more pictures with Picture Match Game

Match images of gems in this uneven, frustrating match-three game.

The Picture Match Game is yet another matching game with a short timer attempting to capitalize on the success of other games like Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga. The game, which provides very few prompts or rules, features hard-to-see images that are supposed to be matched and a grueling, unforgiving timer. It's not only nothing like those other games, but is a frustrating, ultimately boring game that you will probably give up on before you ever properly defeat the first level.

Upon installation you can choose between either Beginner or Advanced levels. Beginner is a smaller map, but is no easier to play. The objective is to tap any two images on the screen (they are jewels) to remove them. You must remove as many of the images as possible before the timer runs out, and if you hit the right ratio, you will win the level and move to the next. The problem is that the timer is extremely short -- less than 10 seconds -- and the only way to extend it is to get matches. But because the images are of actual jewels and many are the same color but different shapes, the game is very hard, but not for the right reasons. Additionally, because of unconventional rules, we found ourselves often losing without knowing why.

Picture Match Game is not a bad game. The core mechanics would work well if the images were easier to identify and the timer were not so fast. But with limited hints, no directions, and menus that are vague and often glitchy, this game is frustrating, hard to play, and ultimately never rewarding, even when you do manage to beat a level. If you are eager for a new matching game, there are hundreds in the App Store that do a better job of reflecting the appeal of this niche than Picture Match Game.

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