Send and share photos between Mac and iOS device with Photos Mate

Share your photos wirelessly with Photos Mate and a Mac application.

One of the more frustrating features of the iPhone and iPad is how hard it is to transfer images from a computer to the mobile device. If you're forced to use iPhoto, which can be unforgivably slow, it can take time and a lot of patience if you want to move a large number of photos from your Mac to your iOS device. That's what Photos Mate promises to resolve with its iPad and iPhone compatible photo transferring app.

The app is simple. Open it and you see a list of Available Devices. At first, the list will be empty, but after you install the Mac client, available on the ET Ware Web site, you can connect the devices (assuming they are both active on the same Wi-Fi network) and send photos from your Mac to your iOS device wirelessly. The transfer process is very simple, there are no extra functions and all photos are immediately placed in your photo library. The app is free and ad-supported, but there are no hidden functions behind a paywall. It just moves photos, and it does so very well and very quickly. Better yet, you can use the same app to transfer photos from a computer on which you don't have a copy of iPhoto with your ID connected. So sharing photos between a relative's computer and your device is easy as well.

If you need to move large volumes of photos, or if you need to get photos from a friend or family member's computer to your device, Photos Mate is an easy-to-use, free app that will do just that. There are no confusing elements here - just simple, speedy file transfer and efficient placement in your photos library. We found ourselves looking for a folder creation tool or other features, but the ones that are here work well.

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