Track ghosts in your area with Mystic Arrow

Spin the arrow to "find" ghosts and other creatures nearby.

While many of the menus and descriptions are written in Chinese, the purpose of Mystic Arrow Free appears to be help locate and photograph ghosts and monsters near you. With a mystic theme and a simple arrow spinning on a compass, the app will quickly evaluate your surroundings and mark where a "ghost" or other creature may be hiding in relation to you.

The app itself is simple enough. Turn it on and activate location services. Then just tap the arrow and it will spin for two or three seconds and then point out nearby ghost locations. While you will certainly feel the urge to look in those directions to see what it found, we found no clear indication of what it was pointing to or why. In most searches, the arrow would continue to spin and point to various locations. There is a camera function as well, most likely to take photos of the creatures you find, but it has no filters and limited sharing functions, so it feels tacked on.

Mystic Arrow would be a fun app if done in a slightly creepier or more tongue-in-cheek manner. As is, it appears to take itself too seriously and we are left wondering what its primary function is in relation to the promise of the app. While certainly you are unlikely to find any ghosts, goblins, elves or other supernatural creatures with the arrow, at the very least the app could offer a game or other diversion to make the download and setup worthwhile. It could be fun for younger children and teens at a sleep over and certainly can be interesting to discuss in terms of what exactly the arrow is pointing at, but the actual purpose and function of the app eludes us. We can see no clear reason to download or use it.

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