Shoot undead Nazis in Call of Duty Zombies

Strafe and shoot with Call of Duty gameplay and a zombie twist.

Call of Duty is as ubiquitous in modern gaming as any franchise, appearing and breaking sales records like clockwork every fall. For those who enjoy the cinematic styling of the franchise and the jaw-dropping graphics and multiplayer action, it is an event marked by days off work and countless hours with a controller in hand. So, it is no surprise to find a number of Call of Duty games in the App Store, nor the Call of Duty Zombies rendition (popular on the consoles as an add-on). And while the developers do a good job of moving many of the features that make this franchise so popular on consoles to a tablet or phone, it is not quite the same.

The game has a limited number of options, which is a good thing in that it's on a mobile operating system and the scope of such a game will be limited to some degree. As a game, it looks fantastic and plays very smoothly on newer Apple devices running iOS 6.0 or higher. There is no lag or slowdown, and the load times are exceptional. Even the co-op modes played wirelessly are very good, though the speed of your partners' devices can have an impact. The game itself consists of your character facing off against waves of undead soldiers that move more slowly and launch fewer attacks than their live counterparts in the console games.

The gameplay is decent, but as is the case with most tablet games adopted from a joystick interface, the controls hold it back. Controlling with your thumbs works well enough, but never feels as satisfying as a physical controller. Our thumbs slipped repeatedly during testing, the aim button is above the right stick, and the look feature requires constant pressure from your right thumb (not moving). It's frustrating in a number of ways. But, the controls aside, the game is well made. It looks good, runs smoothly, and consists of the weapons, gameplay, and features you've come to know and love in a Call of Duty game. For hard-core CoD fans, this is a must-buy. For anyone looking for a fun diversion, it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

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