Win the race in Bunny Hill

Race your way to the bottom of the hill against furry animal friends.

Touch-screen controls have resulted in some interesting new takes on classic platforming and racing genres in the iOS App Store. Bunny Hill is the newest entry in a long line of supercute mascot-style characters running, sliding, or racing their way across the screen with your help. But does Bunny's adventure live up to those of some of his contemporaries, or is it another supercute concept stretched too thin?

At first glance, Bunny Hill looks like a winner. It has the cute but accessible design of a modern iOS classic and the character is immediately lovable. Shaped like a block with a couple of ears shooting off and pitted against equally cute blocklike animal racers, Bunny is a perfect protagonist. The gameplay, however, is not quite as commendable. The idea is simple: your Bunny races down a hill against three other characters. There are a number of obstacles along the way such as giant pumpkins, bushes, and trees. You must jump as your character slides to avoid other characters and the obstacles and be the first one through each of the rainbow gates. The first character to finish first seven times wins the race.

The concept is actually very good. We found the gameplay immediately engaging and the learning curve almost nonexistent. There is no missing content here, either -- it's a good value for a free game. However, the actual racing mechanics are not always consistent. Your character will slide his way at varying speeds while opponents catch up without notice and obstacles jump out of nowhere at times to slow you down. This is a game that you cannot truly master, but that, based on its cuteness and clever design, is still recommended for at least a quick diversion; it's perfect for train and bus rides.

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