Match and spell in Buddy's Read and Spell Lite

Learn basic three-letter words with this cute, child-friendly iOS app.

The App Store is filled with games and learning tools for children at varying levels of quality. Some are effective but bogged down by messy menus or too many ads. Others are pretty but offer ineffective learning tools that children will only find confusing. Buddy's Read and Spell Lite manages to steer clear of both of these traps to offer an intuitive, fun-to-play game for children that is heavy on learning and whimsy, but light on the distractions and ads that so often bother parents.

After starting the app, children have only one option: to play the game. The game itself is simple. Children are presented with pictures, sometimes in multiple-choice format and other times as word scrambles. They choose the words or letters that match the puzzle and are rewarded with Buddy the Bear telling them they got it right. When ready, they press Next and solve the next matching puzzle. The hand-drawn style is perfect for children of this age and it isn't too busy to distract or take away from the effect of the tools being provided. The load times are a bit slow and the menu buttons don't respond to presses with a click or noise, so it can lead to some accidental wrong answers, but a quick discussion will fix that from being a problem in future rounds.

Buddy's Read and Spell Lite is limited right now in that it only offers three-letter words. In future updates, the developer has promised four- and five-letter words, which would make it a much better tool. For now, though, it does what it promises very well. With no ads, no distractions, and a carefully drawn style children will love, it's one of the better free read-and-spell apps in the App Store.

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