Track birthdays in Birthday Sweet

Add and update birthdays with ease in this free, yet limited birthday tracker.

The App Store is filled with tools to help you remember birthdays, send cards or simply birthdays to your calendar on Facebook or your contacts on your phone. Birthday Sweet is another of those tools, and while it has a number of features that make it powerful, it is mostly a rehash of similar tools already found on Facebook with the unfortunate presence of too many ads and upgrade screens.

When you install Birthday Sweet, which is free in its Lite version, you will be asked for access to your iPhone's contacts. Those contacts are then swept for birthdays. Since the iPhone integrates with Facebook, it is likely that most of your contacts will have birthdays attached. The app then populates a list with images and birthdays from Facebook, so you can quickly scroll through and see whose birthday is coming up. Birthday Sweet offers a few other functions such as birthday alerts (with the added option to choose when and how many times you are reminded) and the ability to add new birthdays or back them up to the cloud.

The app in its free form is nothing more than a reminder tool. To unlock the ability to make birthday cards, add images and backgrounds or store to iCloud, you'll need to pay the $0.99 upgrade fee. If you have a long list of birthdays and no other way to track and interact with those people on their birthdays, this app has a good number of features, and we can recommend it based on performance alone. However, if you already have a good calendar tool and reminders for birthdays, Birthday Sweet rehashes most of the functions you likely already have access to and is too limited in its free version to recommend.

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