Destroy every tank

Wipe the field of tanks with your stash of missiles.

The very name of Air Missile Commander calls to mind classic '70s and '80s arcade games like Missile Command. The comparison is apt, as this game takes many of its gameplay elements from the basic "destroy before you are destroyed" style of play that was popular in that era. It has a few flourishes, however, and despite a relatively simplistic interface and graphics, Air Missile Commander becomes a fairly fun game as you progress in levels.

The idea of Air Missile Commander is simple. You are given 100 missiles and must direct them at the tanks on screen. At first those tanks will not move, but as you progress through the levels there will be more tanks, they will start moving, and you will start missing shots. The more missiles you have left out of your initial 100 at the end of a round, the more points you receive. You can then use coins you get for those points to buy seeking missiles and other upgrades that will make the game easier to play. The graphics are very basic, but for a simple game component like this, you don't need a lot. The gameplay itself is intuitive and enjoyable and there are no in-app purchases, which is a nice change for a free game.

While the interface is lacking, the game is fairly short, and the first few minutes of gameplay can be confusing (while later levels can be frustrating), the core ideas behind this game are well thought out and well executed. If you are nostalgic for the get-them-all arcade games of yesteryear, we highly recommend you check out Air Missile Commander, free in the App Store.

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