Facebook Camera gives you direct photo access

Post pictures directly to your feed with this app.

Facebook is all about giving its users a one-stop-shop for all of their social needs, and Facebook Camera is another facet of that. The app lets you take pictures and immediately post them to your Facebook account. While it's not really necessary considering there are so many other ways to share photos on Facebook, it's fast and performed without a hitch.

Once you're logged in to Facebook Camera, all the photos in your News Feed from your Facebook friends appear on the screen. And just like any other status update or post, you can Like or add a Comment using the app. To take a picture using the app, you have to allow photo access by going into your iPhone's privacy settings and setting your Camera to "On." Once you do, photos from your Camera Roll appear in the top of the screen and a simple swipe lets you find exactly what you're looking for. If you don't have a picture to add, you can take your own by tapping the Camera icon in the top left. Using the app's camera, we snapped a quick shot, cropped it, and added a quick note to it. After that, we tagged a friend and added our location, although it wasn't necessary. Our photo was immediately added to our feed where we could view it using the app or going directly to the site.

Facebook Camera offers a Help Center to troubleshoot any issues, but it's pretty straightforward to use.

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