Regain some screen real estate by hiding windows under the screen edge with Tuck for Mac

Gain additional space on smaller screens by tucking windows on the edges of your screen with Tuck for Mac.

With a small screen and multiple windows open, you may often find yourself slowed down when working and in need of more space. Tuck for Mac lets you dock selected windows on the edges of your screen and automatically reveal them when you mouse over them. It's a simple app that works well but could use some improvements.

To use this handy app, you have to define a shortcut for each of the sides of your screen and one to let you "untuck" them. It all works well, and the hiding and revealing of windows is generally smooth and fun to use. However, there are some improvements we would like to see. It would be more intuitive if the program could automatically tuck the windows when you drag them near a screen edge. Also, it would feel more natural if a window automatically untucked when you moved it to the center of your screen. Lastly, integration with multitouch trackpads would just feel better than keyboard-only shortcuts. Keeping in mind that Tuck for Mac is still in beta, it is only fair to say that the program is promising, and it delivers on its promises even at this stage of development.

With its efficient dynamic window hiding, Tuck for Mac seems to be best suited for those using multiple applications while working on smaller screen sizes such as the ones of the MacBook Air or Pro. The overall impression is good, as this app really does a great job at regaining some screen real estate while working on multiple windows and apps.

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