Match colors and rings playing Pilot Sophie for Mac

Travel through rings and match colors using Pilot Sophie for Mac.

Passing time playing games on the Mac is difficult when options are either too simple or too complex for the time available. Pilot Sophie for Mac, while basic, offers quick and somewhat challenging play that users may find entertaining for a short time.

Pilot Sophie for Mac is available as a free trial version with a one-hour time limit; unlocking the game requires a $6.99 payment. Downloading Pilot Sophie for Mac requires the installation of a unique game store.This step completes quickly and the game itself begins to download through the store automatically. Its small size enables a fast installation, and the main menu comes up almost immediately after initiating the game. The instructions are limited, but a quick run-through of the game is all it takes for a user to figure out the playing style. The gameplay is simple and only requires the user to press two of the arrow keys to "spin" a pinwheel-type icon with separate red, yellow, and green edges. The goal is to match the wheel's colors to disks that move toward the user in rapid succession. Everything comes quickly, even in the early levels, which is a challenge. Points are scored for each correct match. The game moves quickly and is easy to pick up, and the rapidly increasing difficulty makes it entertaining.

While simple, Pilot Sophie for Mac's gameplay and challenging levels are entertaining, although it would not likely lend itself to long periods of play.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Pilot Sophie for Mac 1.0.

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