Protect the village from droids playing Jungle vs. Droids for Mac

Use animals to fend off droids with Jungle vs. Droids for Mac.

The multitude of games available for Mac makes choosing one difficult. Jungle vs. Droids for Mac's simple gameplay and basic graphics may appeal to younger players, but others will not be satisfied.

Jungle vs. Droids for Mac is available as a free trial version with a 1-hour time limit; the full version requires a $6.99 payment to unlock. Installation is simple, but Jungle vs. Droids for Mac requires a separate download of a proprietary game store app, which actually downloads and installs the game itself. The 100MB game sets up quickly. After startup, the menus and scenes have good detail, although they are slightly dated compared with other computer games and look more appropriate for an iPad. A tutorial is available to walk you through the different units and strategies. Essentially, the game is set up like a traditional tower defense, but in this case you place different animals along a path to intercept invading robots. While not complex enough for most gamers, younger players may find the easy play, graphics, and story entertaining. Some of the menus for exiting games and returning to other screens are not intuitive, but can be deciphered easily enough.

While likely entertaining to younger children, Jungle vs. Droids for Mac's basic graphics and playing style would be more welcome as a game for an iPhone rather than a Mac.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Jungle vs. Droids for Mac 1.0.

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