Cement your computer's trashcan where you want it using iTrash for Mac

Keep your trashcan from moving with iTrash for Mac.

Mac users may find their computer's trashcan changes places as they add and remove programs. iTrash for Mac locks the trash can in place, but it will likely only appeal to a few users who, in addition to adding many programs, find the roving trash can annoying.

Available as a free trial version with a limited trial period, iTrash for Mac costs $4.95 for the full version. Despite the limited purpose and small size, installation required acceptance of a lengthy user agreement. The program also attempted to access all of the computers linked in the testing network, a curious feature considering the program's function. There are no instructions, but the program's limited purpose does not require much help. Once the program is installed, the user must enter a license in order to continue trying the program. This interface is confusing and required much trial and error before it would allow the program to function. The simple operation allowed us to place the trashcan anywhere on the desktop. Once placed, the program keeps it from moving. While difficult to test in a short time, it stayed in place during testing. There are no additional features, which is disappointing since this is not a freeware program.

Although the program is functional, iTrash for Mac's limited features will likely only appeal to a small subset of users who find the moving trashcan on the desktop irritating.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of iTrash for Mac 1.0.2.

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