Protect your headquarters from attacks playing iBomber Defense for Mac

Fend off attacks with the game iBomber Defense for Mac.

Tons of games are now available for Mac in many formats and styles. iBomber for Mac operates well, but the simple tower defense gameplay is more suitable for a free game on an iPhone or iPad than for a Mac system.

iBomber Defense for Mac comes as a limited trial version that only operates for 1 hour before shutting down. The full version costs $6.99. After we downloaded and installed a store application separately, the game itself loaded quickly without any additional interaction from us. The store's intuitive interface made it easy to locate and start the installed game. The menus after startup were basic and had poor graphics. While there were no instructions available, the game was simple to operate and followed a tower defense format common on iPhone and iPad games. During play, users place military defenses to destroy enemy vehicles moving on a set road. While functional, the game's style of play is common in free or low-cost games on devices with much lower computing power. The game's poor resolution made the landscape difficult to interpret. There did not appear to be any zoom function to aid the user in placing defenses. Overall, the game performed as expected, but was not particularly novel or entertaining.

While functional, iBomber Defense for Mac's simple gameplay brings nothing new to the tower defense game genre.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of iBomber Defense for Mac 1.0.

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