Connect jewels for points with Cursed House for Mac

Score point by making patterns in Cursed House for Mac.

The sheer number of small games available for Mac makes choosing one difficult. While enjoyable for a short period of time, Cursed House for Mac is not worth the additional download required or its full version price.

Cursed House is available as a free trial version with a one-hour gameplay limit; the full version costs $6.99. After downloading an initial file, the user is forced to separately install a proprietary game store where other gaming options are available in order to obtain the game program. This store also required acknowledgement of a detailed end user agreement. Once it was running, obtaining the game from the store program was easy and as intuitive as it would be from the actual Mac App store. The game would not open through the Mac itself and required the store program to be running, but once it was initiated it started up quickly. The gameplay itself was very simple, and the available pop-up tutorial made it easy to work with. To play Cursed House for Mac, the user must move different colored jewels on a screen to create patterns. This interface is very similar to other, much older games. With few features, this game would have been passable as a freeware option on an iPhone as opposed to a purportedly full game on a Mac.

With few features and the required installation of a game store, Cursed House for Mac's simple gameplay, while intuitive and fun, does not provide enough bang for your bucks.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Cursed House for Mac 1.0.

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