Take wide-angle photos with Wondershare Panorama

Create Panoramic photos to impress your friends on social media.

Panoramic photos have been the "it" feature for smartphones recently. However, if you're one of the many people whose smartphone doesn't come with a panorama app, try Wondershare Panorama for Android. It cobbles together panoramas accurately and lets you share your creations right from the app.

The app works just as you've come to expect panoramic photos to work. You hit the photo trigger and turn the phone slowly to capture the long-framed photo. Wondershare Panorama for Android also has a few Instagram-esque filters you can use, but you have to take the photo with the filter. You can't just put the filter on a photo you already like, which makes reshoots common. The app is sometimes hazy with what images it grabs, too. It will take you a few practice shoots to get used to the speed of the image capturing feature. Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social networks are supported by the app, but you have to sign into each separately. This is a little annoying if you're already signed in to the app on your phone. You'll be much more likely to just save the image to your phone and share it through Android's built-in sharing features.

Though there are some minor glitches in the app's makeup, it's great if you need to take panoramic photos. Wondershare Panorama for Android definitely takes some time to get used to, but it's worth it for the cool images it creates. The social features and filters are nice bonuses, but the app would be killer if they were more seamless.

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